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Why Honest Skin Care Advice Can Seem Confusing

The problem is that everyone's skin is different and may require different products and treatments. Some reasons for this are:

1. Between age 20 and age 60, the lipids in your skin decrease, leaving you with dryer skin. Squalene and squalane decrease from 15% of the skin's fat during youth to 5% at age 60. Raising the skin's fat in a 20 year old may cause breakouts but is very positive in someone at 60.

2. Your skin has immune cells that remember bad reactions of materials on your skin. You may have developed a sensitivity to an ingredient as a baby. Your skin remembers this.

3. Problems such as breakouts and psychological stress also affect your skin's response.

4. Your diet and exercise patterns have a strong influence on skin health.

5. So we can only suggest what may be the best products for you.

6. Like everything in life, you have to experiment a little to find what is best for yourself.

Skin Biology's Approach to Making Skin Care Products

Skin Biology focuses on making products that are complementary to the human skin rejuvenation system. One might say that our products are "Human Based", in contrast to "Organic" or "Plant Derived" and other labels.

When more than one product is used - What is the best sequence?

Unlike many cosmetic companies that prescribe layers and layers of products, Skin Biology's products do not have any “hard and fast” rules or a special regimen that must be exactly followed to yield results. We do make certain recommendations, but if you find something that works better for you and are seeing good results, stay with that routine.


Before introducing any new products to the skin, we strongly recommend that one starts off slowly and always tests an area first to determine how their particular skin reacts. When dealing with healthy skincare, the secret is "Less is More". Instead of trying many products simultaneously, start off slowly by targeting the area you are most concerned with and then go from there.

Some clients have suggested the following order: Serums, Gels, Biological Oils, Creams, then Sunscreen. Another suggestion is to try Exfol or LacSal (hydroxy acids) applied in the evening and then whichever product of Copper-Peptides is best suited for your skin in the morning. In between (with sufficient interval time between applications, so that the products can penetrate), Emu Oil-S or Squalane can be used. One will find that the adage “Less is More” actually does yield the best results and lessens the possibility of any adverse reactions.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Each individual's skin is different and unique and much will depend on the existing condition of the skin. But generally we recommend to use the products at least for 4-6 weeks. It is typically within that amount of time that most clients report the beginning of positive changes in their skin. Better results always come with time.

How To Store Skin Biology Products

Since Skin Biology's products are more biological in nature than chemical (formulated more like "food"), we would recommend the following: Although we have clients who live around the world, with temperatures varying from the tropics to some of the coldest areas in their respective countries, we recommend that if you live in a very warm and humid area, your products may keep better when stored in the refrigerator.

Copper-Peptides stored up to 5 years old have been tested and proven to still be effective. Most often, regular storage in room temperature should be just fine for all our products.


What Is the Order of Strength of CP Products?

Please see our Product Guide Page which contains a comparison chart.

CPs Tips and How to Avoid Overuse

Please see our page on Tips for How to Use Copper Peptides Properly.


Will the Products Leave a Blue/Green Color on My Face?

No. Copper-Peptides, although blue or greenish-blue in color, have been shown to be very effective in enhancing the natural skin rejuvenation process. Although some of our clients have reported a slight tint to the skin at the outset of using the products, this does not last and will not harshly affect the skin. What we have discovered is that it would seem that any "tint" left on the skin is most likely from not thoroughly rinsing off the product.

Copper-Peptides may attach to fats in the pores, and if you notice a slight tint from the products, you can wash off the color effect with warm water. But make sure to leave the product on and only wash off after they've had time to work. If it continues to be a concern, try applying the CPs in the evening. All of the numerous studies from around the globe finding positive effects on skin rejuvenation have come from the blue form of copper, not 'color-less' copper.

If Products Do Not Seem to Be Working On Your Skin

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We get occasional reports that copper-peptides do not work for some people. However, every single clinical study found positive effects on skin. And the vast majority of clients become "return clients", many of whom have now been with us for over a decade. Failure of the product to exert positive action on an individual's skin may be due to many other causes (which may/may not include lifestyle actions such as diet, amount of exercise, smoking, etc).

Of course, we do recognize that our products may not work the same for everyone. Inadequate diet will inhibit skin rejuvenation as well as many other factors. That is why we often recommend supplements such as vitamin C and MSM.

Situations or substances that inhibit blood flow to the skin can also slow or stop skin rejuvenation. Severe psychogenic stress will raise blood cortisol levels, and this worsens skin health. Tobacco smoking or use of substances such as cocaine or various amphetamines will also inhibit blood flow to the skin (Example: Treatment clinics report that many methamphetamine users in their twenties have wrinkled, leathery skin and look to be about 30 years older than their age).

Finally, there also are those who always claim a cosmetic product "ruined their previously flawless skin" and wait for a refund of all charges. There are online groups devoted to such fraudulent activity (how to write a fraudulent complaint letter) to help get refunds. Many companies have had to put such persons on a "Do-Not-Sell" list and exchange that list of names, so that cosmetic companies do not sell to such people. If you have questions on returns - See our Skin Biology Policy Page

Of course, our goal is for your experience using Dr. Pickart's original and enhanced copper peptides to yield the most positive results possible. For help in getting improved results as you use our products - See Tips on Using CPs or contact one of our Skin Biology Skin Care Specialists at 1-800-405-1912 for personalized assistance.

How to Use Super CP Serum and Super Cop Creams

Super CP Serum and Super Cop Cream are Dr. Pickart's latest skin care inventions. These strong systems contain our most potent formula of 2nd generation copper peptides to date. They have undergone extensive testing for safety and are yielding amazing results for many.

Be cautious when using the products on the face, and at first apply the products lightly to the skin (perhaps only 2 drops of the Serum for the entire face once daily). The application amount may be increased with time, if so desired. Super Cop should only be applied very lightly and if 'burning' or 'itching' result, try preparing the skin first with an application of Emu Oil-S or Squalane. Both products are water based and can be diluted with water (or Super Cop can be applied to the face while damp). For the first 3-4 weeks, use cautiously until the skin becomes accustomed to this strong Copper-Peptide complex.

Please see our page on Tips for How to Use Copper Peptides Properly.

When and How to Use Hydroxy Acids (Exfol / LacSal)

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An exfoliator helps break down dead skin cells, which is helpful in achieving the desired results of "rejuvenated" skin. As skin ages, the turnover of dead skin cells slows down and they tend to clump together, especially on the upper-layer, epidermal section of the skin. This can leave the skin feeling rough and looking dull. For smoother skin, an exfoliator should be used to gently dissolve dead skin cells, rejuvenating the natural skin process of new cells being brought to the epidermal layer.

Exfol or LacSal should be started slowly on the face, body, or blemished area. A good method, if other products are applied, is to first apply the Exfol or LacSal in the evening and the CPs in the morning (although this is not a 'hard-and-fast rule', exfoliators are generally best used at night). There is no set rule of application, but one may allow sufficient interval time between applications, so that the product can effectively penetrate the skin. For best penetration of the formula ingredients, we recommend that you wash first and then apply the products. Most have found that when using a CP Serum product, a hydroxy acid serum works well and when using a CP Cream product that a hydroxy acid cream works well.

What Products DO NOT contain Salicylic Acid?

If for some reason your skin cannot withstand salicylic acid, here is a list of our products which do not contain this beta hydroxy acid:

Regular CP Serum / Super GHK Copper Serum / CP Ultimate Eyes / Protect and Restore Body Lotions / Squalane Oil / Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher / LOVE Foot Cream / Calypso's Oils / CELES Therapeutic Oil / Dr. Pickart's Face & Body Cleanser / and all Folligen Solution Therapy products.

What Makes Emu Oil-S Different than Emu Oil Found Elsewhere?

Alphonse Maria Mucha - Lefevre-Utile, 1903

Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher contains peroxide-free Emu Oil supplemented with Ubiquinone, lycopene, and mixed isomers of natural tocotrienols and Vitamin E. Ubiquinone is an antioxidant that helps skin metabolism. And the mixed tocotrienols and Vitamin E are also antioxidants that together aid the skin to rejuvenate, moisturize, and alleviate the discomfort of dry skin, and minor skin conditions.

Two formulas were created: Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher for Skin and Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher for Hair. They are more than just standard moisturizers. Lipids and fats in the skin provide an epidermal barrier to water loss. While lipid replenishment methods are still being developed, Emu Oil is already an excellent natural oil for lipid replenishment. It comes from the ostrich-like bird of Australia. Aborigines have used emu oil for thousands of years for damaged skin. The fatty acid composition of human skin and Emu Oil are very similar. Research has shown this oil to be non-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and have a low irritation potential. Hence, Emu Oil-S mimics the natural skin rejuvenation process, supports the skin barrier, and enchances the skin's proteoglycans (the skin's water holding proteins).

Can Benzoyl Peroxide Be Used Along with Copper Peptides?

If you currently are using a benzoyl peroxide product and would like to try Copper-Peptides in your skin care regimen, please carefully review the following: The effectiveness of either product will not be lessened if both are used.

However, Skin Biology recommends that the Copper Peptides be applied at the opposite end of the day. Or try alternating the products: One day, the benzoyl peroxide product(s) and the next day, use our recommended Copper Peptide product regimen (i.e. CP Serum or Super CP Serum in the morning and Exfol Serum or LacSal Serum in the evening). Please note that, in general, we do not recommend the use of benzoyl peroxide products since there may be far more effective products that produce healthier results.

What Are the Particles Found in Folligen Spray?

Folligen Solution Therapy Spray is overloaded with healthful material. Despite two filtrations during manufacture, material may precipitate out with time, meaning that you may, at times, notice "floating material" in Folligen. This is not an indication that the product has "gone bad". We could easily make products that are clear liquids and that are stable by adding a few quasi-detergents and using less material. But this would compromise the integrity of the copper peptides. Skin Biology products are more like natural food products, like good wine that has debris on the bottom, or like the real traditional home-made jellies and jams with actual berries in the sauce.

What About Pure Titanium Dioxide?

Can just Pure Titanium Dioxide (a UV reflector) be used with Skin Biology Products? Yes.

Day Cover (with Pure Titanium Dioxide) - The benefit of this product is that it also has the Copper-Peptide complex which other forms of pure titanium dioxide do not have.


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