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Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Fuller eyelashes and fuller eyebrows are signs of excellent follicle health. Folligen Cream Copper Peptides are one of this year's best beauty blogger tips for enhancing the look of your eyebrows or eyelashes naturally. Complement full lashes with full eyebrows.


1. Apply a light amount of Folligen above your lash line or style your eyebrows with a small amount of Folligen Cream.

2. If you have sensitive skin, substitute with GHK Copper Cream and gradually work up to Folligen.

3. Optional Tip: Apply a light amount of Emu Oil for Hair to assist penetration of the products.

Basic Regimen

Once every other day, apply a thin layer of Folligen on the eyebrows or near the eyelash bed (similar to applications of eyeliner). Order our comprehensive Starter Kit which includes Folligen Cream, Hair Signals Cream (eyebrow use only), and Emu Oil for Hair.

Folligen Cream


Folligen Cream




Advanced Regimen

Emu Oil for Hair


Optional Tip! Lightly apply Emu Oil for Hair on top of Folligen Cream. Avoid getting the oil in your eyes. Emu Oil works as an effective penetrating agent when used on top of copper peptides. This oil is also perfect for styling brows!








Super GHK-Copper Cream


Those with sensitive skin can substitute the use of Folligen with the milder Super GHK Copper Cream.










Testimonials from Clients

I've been using this on my eyelashes and brows for a few months... It took about 5 weeks to see an improvement.

- H. from June

I just wanted to thank you, Dr. Pickart, for all your hard work and lifelong dedication of applying chemistry to help people. I have been using Skin Bio products for 2.5 months and have seen a huge improvement in the appearance of my blemishes.

After testing the starter kit, I used the Exfol Cream and TriReduction with Retinol and spot treated with Super Cop 2X. After a month, I started using 40% lactic acid and 15% fruit acid gel in place of the Exfol Cream, still using the TriReduction with Retinol and Super Cop 2X...

My overall skin tone is bright, many scars look smaller and less red. I have a more even skin tone. My blemishes are truly less noticeable and I am comfortable with my skin now and feel really good about myself every time I examine my skin in the mirror...

Thank you so much, I feel very blessed to have found your products.


Skin Biology - Color makeup used on eyebrows and eyelashes often damages the hair follicles and stops or stunts eyebrow and eyelash growth.

Folligen works great for my eye lashes! I add my husband's Folligen into my colorless mascara, and apply with wand everyday...


I have used several of your products over the past 4 yrs. with great success. I will be 47 yrs old next month. I don't look my age. I have been told I look 35 yrs old... I started using the CP Serum and then the Super CP Serum when it became available... Either serum did not irritate my eye area... I stay beautiful on the outside because of your products. Thank you.

L, Washington

I have been using CP for 4 months now... not only is my skin younger looking but my eyebrows are younger looking also.


I've been using CP Night Eyes, CP Serum, Exfol, and P&R for about one month... I did notice about two weeks ago when I put on Mascara that WOW my lashes were looking very good! The mascara was the same as always so I can only assume that the lashes are changing. I have noticed more length and possibly thickening. In any case, I certainly like this added benefit.



Healthier-Looking Eyelashes & Eyebrows: It IS Possible!

Eyelash loss and eyebrow loss are often due to the long-term use of color cosmetics. Healthy lashes generally look full and vibrant and are nicely complemented by healthy, full eyebrows. If you desire to improve the look of your eyelashes and eyebrows naturally, Folligen is worth your research! Copper peptides keep the hair follicle beautiful, resilient, and healthy ----qualities that are essential for better-looking lashes and brows.

Beauty blogger secrets include use of Folligen Cream every other day and the use of Emu Oil as a styling agent for eyebrows. Folligen or GHK-Copper Cream can be used lightly in both areas with ease. Style brows better using Emu Oil for a noticeable difference in appearance, better than chemical-laden styling gels and brow cosmetics.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tips: What You Need to Know

1. The long-term use of color cosmetics and makeup (with their high concentrations of dyes and metallic salts), can produce extensive skin damage that may end up affecting follicle appearance. Years of heavy makeup, combined with the normal affects of skin aging, can result in an increase of eyelashes falling out and sparse eyebrows.

2. It is also important to keep in mind that most cosmetics used around the eyes will be irritating, to a certain extent. This area is naturally delicate, thin, and easily susceptible to inflammation; so balance is needed. For the long-term health of your eyelashes and eyebrows, always use a minimal amount of eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara.

3. Most cleansers used to remove makeup can cause further irritation by stripping away protective proteins and lipids from the skin. It is best to use a cleanser (such as Dr. Pickart Facial Cleanser) specifically formulated for sensitive skin and sensitive skin areas. Many have found it helpful to research "oil cleansing" for a gentler way of removing makeup around the eye area without damaging your skin. The effect on how this simple step can improve the look of your eyebrows and eyelashes can be quite dramatic!


• How to Properly Apply Folligen: Eye Lash Area

1. First, make sure you are using only extremely light applications. The proper application should be so light that it just barely covers the area. Imagine applying a very, very thin line of eyeliner. Apply right at the eyelash base.

2. Use the product every other day, rather than every single day. Or use only 2-3 times a week. Always test on a small area first. Let your skin become accustomed to the product first.

3. If you use eye makeup (mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner etc) every day, keep in mind that cosmetic products can result in further thinning of the delicate skin around this area. It is better to more accurately test if Folligen will work for you by taking a good 3-4 weeks off of colored cosmetics around the eye area. Use only the copper peptide cream as a styling agent for your brows. To keep the skin looking beautiful during your break from cosmetics, use an eye-firming product (such as GHK LUXE Eye Cream or Two Timing Tightener) on the general eye area.

4. If a product seems to itch or sting a bit after application, gently rinse off and try a lighter application next time, or use the milder GHK-Copper Cream, until the area gradually becomes accustomed to Folligen.

5. If you have sensitive skin, always start with Super GHK-Copper Cream before using Folligen products. Use every other day or a maximum of 2-3 times a week.


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Copper peptides work well to improve the look of sparse eyebrows and eyelashes. The key is to apply the product at the base of the eyelash (similar to applying a thin line of eyeliner). Applying to the eyebrows is easy: Apply the cream/serum directly on the brows as you would a styling agent. Always avoid getting topical cosmetic products in the eyes.


Before you use Folligen Cream (or if you have sensitive skin), start with a milder copper peptide such as GHK-Copper Cream. Even clients who have used our regular eye cream (CP Ultimate Eyes) have mentioned improvements in the look of their lashes.


Typically results take approximately 4-6 weeks of consistent use. Apply lightly once every other day (or even just 2-3 times a week). Discontinue use if the product seems to be too strong for your skin type.


Contact a Skin Biology representative at 1 800 405 1912 for additional help and suggestions.